How to set up Jaxx on your mobile

How to set up Jaxx on your mobile

Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx is a popular, multi-platform, multi-cryptocurrency wallet. It is free to download and use.

From the Jaxx website:

“Jaxx is a cryptocurrency wallet available for download on 8 platforms. The Jaxx wallet is the top choice of Bitcoin users and cryptocurrency traders worldwide for its security, privacy, and simple yet powerful set of features.”

Jaxx makes money when you exchange between cryptocurrencies using the shapeshift function. The fees that are incurred when you transfer in to or out of the wallet is just the mining fee, which is determined by the network, not Jaxx. This mining fee can fluctuate, but they are normally pennies, not pounds.

For your mobile, the app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, with simple setup instructions. During the install, it will ask you to write down your 12 recovery words, and keep them safe (you would need these if you lose your phone etc.).

Note: I find Jaxx great for storing smaller amounts of Bitcoin, for larger amounts I would use a Ledger Nano S, available from Amazon.


How to set up Jaxx on Android (almost the same on Apple too).

1. Locate Jaxx on the Play Store, and install.


2. Start Jaxx.


3. View release notes and press continue.

4. Accept the T & Cs.

5. Create a new wallet.


6. Select custom wallet.


7. Choose Bitcoin (and any other cryptocurrency you want to store with Jaxx too).


8. Choose pounds (GBP).


9. Tick ‘yes’, and continue.

10. Write down your 12 word pass phrase. Keep this safe!


11. Enter your 12 word pass phrase.  This is to check you have written it down correctly.

12. Do you want to add a PIN? The PIN further secures your wallet on the phone.

13. Your Jaxx wallet is now set up. You can now see your public key (the long string of numbers and letters), and the QR code that represents your public key. Your private key is hidden way.

Note, in Jaxx your public key changes every time you receive some cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin). You can continue to receive Bitcoin on any of the public Bitcoin keys displayed previously in your Jaxx wallet.

Warning, Jaxx (and other wallets) supports multiple cryptocurrencies. If you intend to receive Bitcoin, you must use your Bitcoin public key and not one of your public keys for any other cryptocurrency (e.g. Ethereum) wallet, otherwise your transfer will be lost forever! This is the case for receiving any cryptocurrency; make sure you use the correct public key!


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Jaxx has a new improved wallet called Jaxx Liberty. The setup is similar to that of the old one. If you already have the old version of Jaxx, you should migrate across using your seed phases asap. <>

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